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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Women's Conference with Lisa Bevere

This weekend I am going to Oklahoma City to a women's conference featuring Lisa Bevere. I am so excited! When I first signed up to go I asked Tate Publishing to help me get a book signing in the hours after the conference on Saturday. It happens that the big Texas vs OU game is on that very weekend. We decided that a book signing would be unprofitable. Now I am so glad that I don't have an event of my own to distract me from the things I know I will learn at the Bevere conference.

I am looking forward to recharging my mental and spiritual batteries. I have been running on empty for awhile. (I heard you say airhead!) Anyway, I think these times away with no other agenda are vital to strong mental health. If you haven't taken time like this for yourself, consider it a priority. Give yourself permission to get away to a conference like this one or a ballgame or concert. These times bring texture to your life when everything seems bland.

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