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Book IV, The Eyes of a Stranger

Book V, Timothy's Home

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Book I, Some Happy Day

Book II, Capture the Wandering Heart

Book III, Walk Slowly Through the Dark

New Series- Nashville

Book I, Six Miles From Nashville

Book II, Christmas in Nashville (Coming soon)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Audio with Purchase of "Elk's Resolve"

Free Audio with Purchase of "Elk's Resolve"
When I printed off the finished copy of "Elk's Resolve" to proof it one more time there was a notice on the back page. I will print it word for word here:E LIVElisten-imagine-view-experienceAUDIO BOOK DOWNLOAD INCLUDED WITH THIS BOOK!In your hands you hold a complete digital entertainment package. Besides purchasing the paper version of this book, this book includes a free download of the audio version of this book. Simply use the code listed below when visiting our website. Once downloaded to your computer, you can listen to the book through your computer's speakers, burn it to an audio CD or save the file to your portable music device (such as Apple's popular iPod) and listen on the go!This will make "Elk's Resolve" a great value to the readers.Let me know what you think!!!

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