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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Super Sticks by Nisa Newkirk

Great Times

Terry and I had such a great time with the people at the Wolf Creek Heritage Museum. I think there were over 200 who filed in and visited with us. There was a beautiful display of quilts, pastel art, and mosaic art by a local lady and her two daughters. The artistry was amazing.

We were blessed to sell 50 books! A couple of the museum patrons expressed interest in my coming to speak at their events. Hopefully I will be able to list them here soon.

I am continuing with featuring Tate Publishing and Enterprise Authors. I have "met" most of them through facebook and the Tate Publishing fan page. In the following weeks you will have the opportunity so see the dedication and heart each person puts in their writing.

Lisa Newkirk is the author I am featuring this week.

1. What is your name and the title of your book(s)?"Super Sticks"

2. What is one thing you think your readers would like to know about you?I'm an advocate for children with disablities. Let your children go as far as they can without telling them you'll be the obstacle in their life.

3. Are you a reader?yes

4. What are you reading right now?Lori Wick

5. Do you have another book that you are working on and hasn't been submitted for publication? yes Tell about it.It's about a little boy with mitrocondrial disorder who wins an award at school while teaching others how to deal with peer pressure.

6. What are your biggest obstacles to writing and how do you overcome them?Opening doors when some people think children with disablities are a minority in our society.

7. Tell us a little about your book and how it may be purchased.The book "Super Sticks" is $6.99 and can be ordered on http://www.yukonsoftware.com/SuperSticks"What are some of the uses for forearm crutches? See how Deborah uses hers. Persistence and inspiration shines through in Deborah's adventures with her friends. Even with a physical disability learn how Deborah helps her friends by using her forearm crutches.""Lisa Newkirk is the mother of the Fantastic four children. Her 3rd child was born with Spina Bifida. When she took her daughter with a physical disability to the public library, it was hard to find a book with a child using forearm crutches available. The Librarian told her if you want a book to encourage your child, then write one yourself. This caused the birth of Super Sticks!"Jen Reddin (Tate Publishing)http://nansjourney.blogspot.com/

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