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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Can't Judge a Book By its Cover

Have you heard that saying all of your life like I have? I don't know about you, but before my first book was written and published I had a certain idea about what an author was like. In my mind, I could never enter that elite group.

Somehow, I figured that to be an author one had to be super smart, rich, stylish and serious. While most of the authors I have become acquainted with ARE very smart and stylish, they are also like me in that they are not rich or necessarily serious at all times.

The more I get to know these people, the more I realize that they are a fun bunch of people. The creativity and energy that passes even in emails is contagious. They continue to lift me up and help me more than they know.

This week I am interviewing

Mary Barton Wilcox.

1. What is your name and the

title of your book(s)? Mary

Barton Wilcox First Rose

(Between Now and Forever)

2. What is one thing you think

your readers would like to know

about you?

Perhaps they may want to know

how I came up with all the info

for my book. Answer: From

years of ministry and counseling

and all the accounts told me of

near death experiences, visions

and dreams.

3. When did you know that you

wanted to become a writer?

It occurred rather suddenly

and accidentally. I started

writing when I became a minister

thinking little of it. I wrote several

booklets, curriculum and two

complete books of daily devotionals.

4. What are your strong points

in your writing style or methods?

Short direct sentences. I aim at

making my material easy to read

and easy to understand. And...if

I can "feel" it as I write, and

clearly understand it when it

is read back to me, I know

others will also.

5. Are you a reader? Yes, yes,

yes. I read the Bible and a

portion from another book every

day and then I still enjoy theology,

commentaries and books that

stimulate study and thought

though I am now retired.

6. What are you reading right now?

Mastering the Old Testament by

Lloyd J. Ogilvie

7. Do you have another book that

you are working on and hasn't

been submitted for publication?

Tell about it.

First of Ever (Beyond Here and Now)

is a sequel to First Rose. It takes

up where the other book leaves

off. It is already written and

edited for the publisher.

8. What are your biggest obstacles

to writing and how do you overcome


So far I have had no obstacles.

I am retired and other than the

art work I do, time and inspiration

is not a problem...yet.

9. Please put a description of each

of your books here. (back matter

is ok)

FIRST ROSE is an entire book

devoted to a detailed description

of what Heaven will be like. It is

fictional reality based on years of

ministry and counseling with those

who have had visions, near death

episodes and experienced other

supernatural phenomenon.

Although fiction, everything written

was compared to Biblical precepts

and all of its content is in harmony

with the Bible.

The book was written to bring joy

and comfort to those who have ever

wanted to know what could be

facing them after physical death.

It will also stimulate and restore

hope in seeing those we love in

the life to come. The book is filled

with incredible descriptions of angels,

gardens and cities. You can go

with Rose as she travels from the

Judah Gate to the Throne Room

of God. Along the way, you will

enjoy all the spectacular scenery

of Heaven and encounter things

only dreamed about on earth.

This is a timeless book. It is a

literary masterpiece written by

an accomplished artist who

understands the importance of

intricate detail. It is a fast read

and will be hard to put down.

FIRST ROSE will keep you

spellbound and fascinated at

its ability to connect with the

reader’s heart.



There were gossamer cocoon-like

chambers to my right and to my left

as far as you could see. Each room

was like my personal room at the

mansion. It glowed all the time and

the entrance to each of them were

of a filament woven in intricate patterns.

Each pattern was unique and lace like.

The opening resembled a diaphanous

veil that opened and shut upon the

approach of an angel.

There were layers and layers of

them. All I could think of at the time

was a honeycomb. All the chambers

lined the wall of this level and reached

from the top to the bottom. This entire

level had and airy and delicate feel to it.

Almost everything was transparent in

some way. It was ethereal and filmy.

The sky was a pale blue with gauzy

clouds floating everywhere and there

were myriads of angelic beings.

Some of the angels appeared to be

clothed with light chiffon-like garments

that wrapped around their body as they

flew weightlessly in the air. They seemed

to be busy. Each one had a direction

and purpose; you could tell that by the

way they flew. Some were carrying objects,

and others were reading scrolls and books.

It was challenging to keep your eyes in

just one place, there was so much going


I turned to my friend whom I knew

wanted to say something. He said,

“This is the eternal home of the angels

of God. Here you will have your first

encounter with authority. There are

ranks and positions assigned to every

angel here. When you have met Gabriel

and Michael, you will know at once they

are the high archangels of heaven.”

I just stood there, daring not to move

until given permission. You could actually

sense the organization here. As I

pondered what I was seeing, the

atmosphere became heavy and weighty.

I could see in the distance a very large

image approaching. As it neared, I

realized it was an angel. His wingspan

was tremendous, at least thirty feet.

As he fluttered his wings and stretched

downward to land, I knew immediately

he was Michael.

10. How can readers contact

you or purchase your books?

Please put your website or

blog here.



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